Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just an update

So...let's see. Wednesday's appointment with the ortho doc went well. Her spondylolisthesis is about the same; maybe a tad more, but nothing alarming at this point. She is to see him again in 9-12 months for repeat x-rays. We (Me, the 3 girls, our babysitter, Carolyn, and her sister, Tara) ventured over to Pocket Puppies. This is a ultra-cool pet shop that sells little, teeny tiny dogs that fit in a purse. They only get like 4 pounds. Unreal. And expensive, but a HUGE treat for Shelby to go visit. Avery thought the bigger dogs (the people working brought their pets) were hilarious. No fear there.

Tara whipped up a hat for Shelby's Webkinz while we waited in clinic.

The girls keeping busy.

Avery hanging out on the exam table coloring.

Riley was kneeling down petting this dog so Avery just plopped on her lap! Too funny! Thank goodness her big sisters don't mind her doing that at all.

Shelby next to her favorite dog for the day.

"Avery, watcha doin'?"

Then we galavanted off to Ikea for some shopping. That went well and so we headed over to The Container Store. Carolyn & Tara were very happy shoppers! Finally we arrived back in Rockford safe, but exhausted!

Eating 3 meals on the road with Shelby's food allergies is tough. No other way to put it. A lot of frustration and anger came from her because she just can't have everything. A lot of foods she wants are off-limits. She wanted noodles for supper so I remember a small Italian restaurant in Belvidere. When the food came (with garlic bread on her plate that she could not have) things spiraled downward FAST. She laid her head in my lap and cried. I feel so bad for her...soon we will be visiting Dr. Jill in Chicago to talk about these feelings. Sigh.

Thursday Shelby saw the ENT here in Rockford. He recommends that she get her tonsils and adenoids removed. They are both moderately enlarged, but that, coupled with the fact that she snores and her nostrils are very dry and scabby is enough to indicate the surgery. We DO monitor our humidity levels in the house. It is not that. It is from the adenoids. As long as Chicago is o.k. with the T & A, we'll proceed with that. Hopefully it will benefit Shelby as much as Riley's helped her.

After Daddy was done with his CNA clinicals we headed home to pack up to spend the day at Coco Keys. I still hate that place. And that's the nicest thing I can say about it. The girls had fun until the massive amount of people came in and Shelby got knocked down. Oh yes, they will be getting a nasty e-mail or letter from us!

So that's where things are at. I think the girls will be surprised to see the snow (if we get it) in the morning. Monday, its back to school!


Carolyn Michelle said...

Hehe, that was a great day. Even with the melt down later. I still have to get the shelves I bought out of my trunk. haha. Perhaps I'll go do that now....
Lots of love,

Jenn said...

Ah, yes, the meltdown. Food allergies are no fun; you really can't blame the kid for being so bummed, though. We see the allergist on Thursday. Trust me, I'll let her know that things are not going well.