Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Shelby is 7!

Well, Shelby turned 7 yesterday. Friday night she had her BFF Kate over. We ate supper with my parents at Happy Joe's then came back to our *super-awesomely decorated house for cake and ice cream. Kate stayed the night as being 7 is the requirement in our house for a friend sleep over. When High School Musical 3 ended at 11:30 p.m. they promptly fell asleep. Shelby had exclaimed earlier in the evening that this was the "best birthday ever!"

Then came Saturday, her actual birthday. She was upset that all the festivities did not happen on her actual birthday day. Now I want to stop here and say that many of you may be thinking "she sounds like a spoiled brat." BUT, this is Shelby. The child who has been through so much recently. We do our best to treat her just like her sisters (she has spent time in time-out in the hospital). BUT this month has been hell for her. She's a 1st grader and just wants to be like all the other 1st graders. I don't think that's too much for her to want. O.k., back to my story. We met my parent's at Burger King (they have some breakfast foods that Shelby can have with her dairy allergy) for breakfast so that Grammie could give Shelby one of her presents she forgot to bring the night before - a Webkinz (see picture above). After that, the realization that no more birthday festivities were going to happen set in...and so did a sort-of depression. The day finally ended around 10 p.m. with her sobbing hysterically. I know she was tired from the sleep over, but she's had late nights before and not been like she was last night. Sigh. I feel so bad for her. She did not want to fall asleep because "then she would have to wait a long, long time for her birthday to come again." She is still in a funk this morning. What's a Mommy to do? My heart breaks for all her heart ache.

I will post birthday pictures later. I just don't have time now. Us girls are going to leave the house today so Daddy can study for his big Anatomy and Physiology test tomorrow. Later...

*I thought it would be really cool to have someone come and decorate the house while we were at Happy Joe's. Who else fit the bill as perfectly as Carolyn, our babysitter, and her parents?!? It was so awesome what they did and Shelby (and all of us) were thrilled. Thank you Stuart, Monica and Carolyn for the amazing gift you gave our Shelby.

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