Thursday, March 05, 2009

They found out what's causing all this!!!

1:40 p.m.
New cultures have been drawn to confirm the findings b/c if it is correct, then Shelby is looking at at least 7 days inpatient on IV antibiotics. No fever as of yet today, but she's not hungry and just not herself. Who can blame her?!?!

We are looking at a lllooonnnggg stay, so anyone wanting to visit can. She is contagious if you touch her open scabs on her face, but no one is coming over to do that ;~) so it is o.k. to visit her. You can't catch her bacteria by sneezes, coughs, or anything like that. I would suggest you call our room (815.971.8813) or my cell phone first to see how she is feeling, or if she's napping, etc. And remember, everyone doesn't need to rush to visit her today or tomorrow. We'll most likely be here at least a week. There's plenty of time. That's all for now. I hope I have boring, boring news to report later. No more crazy fevers!

9:13 a.m.
Her blood culture actually grew something!!! She is positive for Strep, a gram positive bacteria. The nurses told me this, so I haven't actually spoken w/the doctor yet. I'm just amazed a culture actually grew something - it NEVER does. I'm sure her IV antibiotics will be changed to be more specific to this bacteria and it will be treated aggressively.

Her fever broke in the night, but it was scary. She was hallucinating and it finally took doubling up the tylenol and motrin to make it lower. She woke up drench this morning. I hope that nasty fever does not rear its ugly head again.

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