Sunday, March 08, 2009

Icky day

12:10 a.m. (Monday)
A new IV had to be placed b/c there was redness coming from her IV site. She was very scared (for some reason she really prefers for them to be put in in the ER), but super brave. It took 2 pokes, but its in. Since that had to be done, labs were just drawn then, too. I should have those results in a few hours. It was decided to not do any more testing for the diarrhea as of tonight. She's still awake, as I. I did plan on being at home tonight - plans I had Scott bring up my work to the hospital. I have NOT gotten to even look at that yet - plans changed...I'll just roll w/it. I am beat. Goodnight (I hope!)

7:30 p.m.
The C-diff test was negative. Now what? I'm waiting to hear what the game plan is now. I also requested labs in the morning b/c this mama sees some yellow in those eyes.

Shelby just handed me a picture she drew of her as a princess and crying. The word balloon says "My tummy hurts!" She's breaking my heart...

We did have a nice supper visit from Daddy, Riley & Avery. Avery was generous w/hugs for me :-) and seems to be over whatever she had. Riley even let me give her extra long hugs, but was not happy that I am now staying the night w/Shelby instead of coming home. I told her to keep my side of the bed warm. This is so tough on her.

Please say some prayers for our friend, Jay. Scott has known him since high school and he's a really great friend. He called this afternoon to let Scott know that his girlfriend, Kathleen, passed away suddenly last night. Something about a blood clot and heart attack. She died even before the paramedics could get there. This is such a shock. We just got together with them for supper at Water Tower Place after Christmas when we took the girls to The American Girl Store. So tragic. Less than a year ago she moved from New York and he from Minneapolis so they could live together in Chicago. They had a great apartment and a dog named Charlie. Unreal. Hug all your loved ones extra tight tonight.

5:30 p.m.
Today started out w/Shelby being very quiet. She wasn't interested in breakfast and said her tummy hurt. Her abdomen is very distended; as distended as it was after her colonoscopy in November. A few large BM's have been followed by about 7-8 episodes of diarrhea. I've requested that she be tested for C-diff and the specimen is on its way to the lab. She is having abdominal cramping and is just NOT happy at all to be here in the hospital. Poor kid. She did perk up to Skype w/Grammie & Papa, but that was short-lived. I'll let you know if we hear on results.


Coralee said...

Shelbelle....I love you. I'm sorry you are not feeling good. I hope you can get some sleep tonight and will feel better in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shelby!!! Thank you for letting Donovin and I come visit! We hope you like your bracelets and rings...!! We can't wait to bring the puppy to see you when you get all better.....she will just love you and your sisters! We'll talk to you soon ok...??!!

Much love -
Melissa and Donovin