Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still inpatient

The hospitalist was ready to cut Shelby loose today, but Scott and I just were not comfortable with it. Her WBC is at 1.0 (that's very low, folks) making her ANC 430 (low, again). We know that her body can do this, but we just want to see those numbers creeping back in the right direction before she heads home. If that doesn't look better in the morning, I'm not quite sure what the game plan is...we'll have to see. I do know that when we are in Chicago this Tuesday there will be a lot of "new" game plan talk. This kid has been getting sick way too easily this past year.

We were hopeful that they could use her (3rd) IV for labs in the morning, but we lost that one, too, due to the irritation from the Nafcillin. Rats! She'll have to have a regular blood draw. I think we counted 6 pokes in the past 8 days for IV's and only 3 of them worked.

Please, please pray for better numbers in the morning and nothing new to develop. THANK YOU!

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Anonymous said...

I've been keeping my eye on the blog, and I hope and pray that Shelby's numbers start moving in the right direction.
Mary O.