Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day #17 Post-Op

I am so giddy.  Yup.  Very excited.  Encouraged.

Shelby had labs run today.  Her white blood cell count is 3.6!!!!!  "Normal" is 4.0-12.0.  We used to be happy if hers was around 2.  3.6 is a BIG deal!  Also, her platelets are 102,000!!!!!  "Normal" for that is 130-400.  Hers usually ran in the 50,000-range.  Those are amazing numbers!  It looks like the shunt is already working!  Thank You God and Dr. Superina!

Shelby is doing quite well.  Amazingly well.  Last night she had a friend here for a sleep over - two weeks after major abdominal surgery.  I am so thrilled at how well she is recovering!  She does still tire easily.  Shopping at Wal-Mart today was too much for her so we put her in a wheel chair.  She is having back pain from compensating for her abdominal discomfort.  Her steri-strips are curling up and coming off nicely and it looks as if that incision is healing up just perfect.

Thank you, everyone, for continuing to check-up on her and pray for her.  Happy New Year!

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