Friday, December 17, 2010

Day #4 Post-Op

4:20 p.m.  
Well, I've been trying to update all day, but someone (wink, wink Shelby) has kept me on my toes - in a good way.  Food, not hooked up to any IV's, taking long walks, O2 sats staying stable...its all good.  Shelby is AMAZING!  Dr. Superina came in today and said she looks great and could maybe go home....drum roll please.....TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are still in the ICU only because there is not room on the floors.  Also, she is still neutropenic - this surgery takes a while to start working - so she needs a single room.  She may actually get discharged from the ICU!  

I am so excited because it shouldn't be much longer before my Riley and Avery arrive. :-) :-) :-) 

Lack of updates at this point means all is well, but I love to share her good news to her faithful prayer warriors so I will as often as I can.  

Surgery 6

I would like to ask a special request that you pray for Emerson.  You can access her blog in the right-hand column.  She is very sick right now.  Thank you.


Anonymous said...

What an AWESOME picture!!!! It maked my shoulders drop when I read this update, I am SOOO HAPPY for u all!!! GO SHELBY!!!

Anonymous said...

made... lol

Fred & Carol said...

OMG Shelby looks so much better. I am so thrilled that she is up and able to eat real food.

Hugs and kisses,
Love you,
Auntie Lu

Adele said...

Oh I am so glad she's feeling so much better. And that breakfast looked delicious!

Lori Martin said...

Oh my gosh, talking discharge already? That's great!!! I thought it was a 7-10 day hospital stay? Shelby always keeps us guessing...LOL! I'm so happy that she's able to eat; I'm sure she is too. Enjoy your reunion with Riley and Avery. Thanks for your diligence on the blog updates :)

Anonymous said...

Comfort and Joy surely have a new meaning to the Martin's this year! I'm very happy that Shelby is doing so well.
Mary O.

Carolyn Michelle said...

YAY!!!!! I hope you guys get home soon!!! I was so bummed to not be able to come in and see you guys in Chicago, but seeing you guys at HOME is even better. :D Love you all!