Thursday, December 02, 2010

School decision

Scott and I decided, and were reassured that our decision was right after talking to Shelby's school principal, that we are not sending her back to school between now and her surgery.  She just picks up things too easily and we do not want her surgery delayed if we can (try to) help it.  In just a few more days she'll qualify under her 504 plan to have a tutor here at home.  Her very-wise principal said "Jenn don't worry about school.  Tell Shelby that I won't let her get far behind and when she's ready to come back we'll have people here to work with her."  Thanks, Ms. HB, for that reassurance. :-)

Shelby's dermatologist called and said that she thinks this "rash" is seborrhoeic dermatitis...or maybe psoriasis.  Anyway, she woke up Wednesday and it was very, very faint.  Go figure.  Everyone agrees (surgeon, pediatrician, GI, dermatologist) to keep her on the Cleocin for the 10 day course.  We also have 2 prescription creams to use on her face; 1 in the morning - 1 at night.  Now we are up to 38 med doses a day!  YIKES!  Dr. Superina said they would be a few more added for about 6 months post-op, too.  I feel like I need a degree in pharmacology just to schedule all these; this can't be taken with that; this or that need to be scheduled an hour apart; blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Yea.  I think the stress of her surgery is getting to me.  Night.


Anonymous said...

I got an A in pharmacology. Will that help?

Fred & Carol said...

We love you guys! Hang in there and know that God is with Shelby every step of the way.

Good schools do work with children with special needs, we do it all the time! I know all about 504 plans and homebound tutors. We have some excellent teachers in homebound, so I know Shelby will be in good hands.

Lots of love,
Auntie Lu

Moreena said...

Absolutely the right decision. We did the same thing with Annika for her biopsy last year, and rescheduling a biopsy is much less of a big deal than rescheduling a surgery.