Sunday, December 12, 2010

Operation Eve

Yes, isn't that nice?!  I forgot to pack her any pj's!   So Daddy's Packers sweatshirt will have to do, especially when she is so cute in it.
My parents and Scott are already asleep.  I can hear Shelby whispering to herself on the roll-out bed (she thought it was really cool and wants to sleep there, not with me :-(  The only light in the room is my laptop.  I am so exhausted, but I just want to stay awake and make tomorrow not come.  I want to rub her tummy before it has a new incision/scar.   I want to tell her of the HUGE suitcase in the van with all the surprises we have lined up for her this week.  I want to say "Surprise!" that wish you made on your eyelash came true - No surgery.  But that's not so.  So tonight, I'm thinking of all the giggling she's done, the amazing calmness she is exhibiting and her awesome attitude that life goes on - no matter what - it just does.   That's all she knows.  Thank you God for her amazing spirit. 

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