Saturday, December 11, 2010

Soaking it all up

I am sitting here in my comfy, cozy red chair with Riley and Shelby on the couch reading.  The christmas tree looks just beautiful and we still have yet to turn off the White Christmas DVD.  Ahh....I'm just enjoying all this.  I know that these are just some of the things I'll miss for the next week or so.  Trivial things, maybe, but comforts that you begin to long for when away from home, especially in a hospital with your child.  I wish Avery would have gone for my plan of snuggling on my lap and falling asleep, but no such luck.  She wanted me to lay with her in her bed and she drifted off to sleep in moments.

The stress level started out pretty high around here this morning with the big girls yipping at each other left and right.  I said something to the effect of that none of us wants Shelby's surgery to happen, but we all know that it is the best thing for her.  We will not like this next week, but we will make it so let's not ruin our day together.  That and going sledding helped calm things down. 

I think we're pretty much packed.  My mother-in-law landed safely (thank you God!) late this afternoon at O'Hare and is safe and sound here in Rockford.  I have no more laundry to do; all my lists have been made and printed out for everyone.  Now, we (Scott, Shelby & me) and my parents (if we don't get a room at the Kohl's House or the Ronald McDonald House for tomorrow night) need to make it safely into Chicago tomorrow afternoon.  Shelby has to have labs drawn, eat at her favorite Lincoln Park restaurant and we will all be staying at a motel together.

I hope she lets me hold her tight all night....


Nicole Schandelmeier said...

I'm keeping all of you in my prayers! I pray, and believe, that the surgery will go well and you'll be home soon!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck for tomorrow - hope Shelby recovers as quickly and smoothly as possible and that the surgery will prove to have been a massive success very soon.
Thinking of you all -
Sven (from LF)

Margaça said...

Good luck for tomorrow!
Give that sweet girl a BIG KISS!

Alice ( Martim´s mum from LF)