Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fun AT HOME :-)

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Thinking back to this time last week gives me chills.  She was so sick on this day.  I asked her if she remembered that and she said "Yes."  I wish I could erase that from her memory; since I can't, I just pray that her memory of it is not as bad of a memory as mine is.  

She continues to amaze us with her recovery.  Unreal.  All last week seems like a bad dream...with a GREAT ending.

I wanted to make special mention of Scott.  He was such a rock for me and Shelby that week and continues to be for all of us.  Not only did he stay next to her bedside when things got rough and I needed to step out and prove to her that a J-tip was o.k. by letting the nurses do one on him, BUT he also managed to pull off these amazing grades during this extremely stressful semester.  I am so proud of you, Scott, and so thankful that you are my husband and the father of our daughters.  I love you!

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Lori Martin said...

OH MY GOSH!! Shelby amazes me! Just one week before these Santa pics she had just had MAJOR surgery and not doing well. To see her just one week later out and about and doing so well makes me so happy. AMAZING! THANK YOU GOD FOR ANSWERING PRAYERS!!!

Awesome job Scott!! All your hard work (and stress) will pay off soon.