Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day #5 Post-Op

12:24 p.m.
I know Avery isn't looking, but the point of this picture is that all my girls are in ONE place.  HAPPY, HAPPY MOMMY!  Shelby is still doing fabulous!  She only has her central line in; the other 2 IV's were removed this morning.  We are waiting for the surgical team to make a decision on when she can leave.  She may need an ultrasound before she leaves, but otherwise there is no other reason for her being here.   She is eating, has minimal pain, is peeing/pooping good, her oxygen is good, she is getting all oral meds.  We are just in a holding pattern.  It would be WONDERFUL if they're going to discharge her, that they do it before Scott, Riley, Avery and Mom have to head home for Scott to work tonight otherwise Shelby and I are stuck here in Chicago until Monday.  Have a GREAT day! :-)


Laura Barkley said...

Yeah!! I bet it was great to have an element of normalcy (having all your kids together)after all you have been through. Let's hope she is deemed to be well enough to go home, I'm sure you guys can't wait! Hugs to all of you!

Fred & Carol said...

Great news and so happy to see the girls together again.

Love ya,
Auntie Lu

Terri said...

Hello, I've been keeping up with this blog and think Shelby is a brave and strong little girl! I will continue to keep her and your family in my thoughts!

Terri (19 year liver transplant)