Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day #3 Post-Op

4:51 p.m.

I think this picture says it all on how AMAZING today is going.  Thank you God!

No more NG tube, no more foley catheter, eating ice chips and popsicles, drinking water, on only 1 Liter of oxygen, she's moving herself around great, has hardly hit her pain button, and, she'll hate me for writing this, but she pooped :-)  Wonderful!  We're just waiting for a room on the floor to open up and then will bid goodbye to the ICU.

I went over to the Ronald McDonald house to shower and ended up taking a 2-hour snooze that felt heavenly.  Ahhh....its good to feel refreshed.

Surgery 5

10:23 a.m.
These pics are from yesterday.  

Surgery 4

Shelby (and I) slept great last night.  She got about 7 hours!  She looks good this morning.  She has been switched back to the regular oxygen.  The high-flow one really helped her yesterday and throughout the night.  They did a repeat chest x-ray so we're praying that it looks good.  Hopefully strides will be made today in getting some tubes out and maybe getting to eat ice chips.

Thank you everyone for the prayers!  Keep them coming please. 


Coralee said...

Thanks for the pics!!! So good to see my girl!!! You go, Shelbelle!!!! Love, Grammie

Marisa said...

That's our SUPER girl!
Keep getting better Shelby!
Hugs, Kisses, and High Fives!

Love, Marisa

Laura Barkley said...

YEAH for progress!!!! Whoo hoo!!

Pastor Laura

Coralee said...

I just love looking at the photos of Shelby sitting up. Can't wait to see pics from today!!! Love ya, Shelby......Grammie

Tania Kothera said...

Kids bounce back so fast... Way to go guys.