Monday, December 13, 2010

Surgery Day

10:35 p.m.
Sorry to be so absent readers, but I had internet connection problems from my last update until now - ARGH!  How frustrating!  Anyway Shelby has been doing fantastic.  What a great patient!  She is feeling pretty rough, but not complaining of any pain - that's what a good "background" dose of Dilaudid (pain med) will do for you plus a PCA pump.  She's been having some low grade temps and they've been putting ice packs on her to keep her cool.  She is really having trouble now staying asleep, though.  She dozes off only to wake a few short minutes later.  Thank you everyone for your prayers and well-wishes.  We truly felt them today.

I've posted several post-op pics.  Please be warned if you are squeamish at all, that the very last picture in this album is of her incision.

Surgery 2

3:07 p.m.
SHE'S OUT.  SHE DID GREAT!!!  SHE'S EXTUBATED!  We've spoken with the surgeon and other than her splenic vein showing some thickening (possibly an old clot) that made sewing it up a little tougher than usual, things went great!  We are (im)patiently waiting to go to the PICU to see her.  

2:10 p.m.
We are anticipating hearing the final phone call from the OR any minute now.  So far she has remained stable and has not needed any blood products.  :-)  I cannot wait to talk to the surgeon and then finally see my little girl, but that will still be a while.  She will go directly from the OR to the PICU.

12:02 p.m.
Update from the OR about 20 min. ago.  All is going well.  Should hear again in another 2 hours.

Aunt Lori was super brave and drove in!  She's here to join me, Scott, Mom & Dad while we worry/wait.

10:00 a.m.
First update from OR.  Actual surgery started about 9:40.  All lines were placed - an IV in each hand, an arterial line in her right hand and a central line in her neck.....................

9:18 a.m.
About 25 minutes ago I left the OR.  As the gas started to take effect, she was saying "I don't want my distal splenorenal shunt" over and over again as tears fell from her eyes.  She was so brave.  She did not try to pull off the mask.  She is amazing.  That is courage.  She cracked everyone up all morning - HER - the one who should need comfort was giving comfort to US.  AMAZING.  When Dr. Superina (the surgeon) came in she looked at him in his coat with his bag and said "Um, shouldn't you go get ready or something?"  What a stitch!  She told the nurse in the OR that her hands were cold so Shelby didn't want her touching her until she was asleep!

Please pray for my baby.  Right now they are placing all her lines - 2 IV's, 1 arterial line, 1 central line, a bladder catheter and she'll be intubated.  The OR nurse will call us every hour or so and hopefully we'll hear in the next hour that the actual surgery has started.



Shannon Hamet said...

We're praying, Jenn!

Shannon Hamet

Anonymous said...

Praying for a successful surgery and a quick recovery for your sweet, beautiful, amazing Shelby!

Shannon Rockwell

Carolyn Michelle said...

Praying SO HARD for you guys. Hang in there!!! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't suprise me that Shelby was cracking everyone up this morning. She is a special little girl who has so many gifts but one of her greatest is the gift of joy. Joy just flows from her.
The Upper Room this morning was all about praying, especially for those who are ill and those facing surgery. The scripture was the one where Paul says, "I do not cease to give thanks to you as I remember you in my prayers." I give thanks for all of you!
Know that you have a community (a large one) that is praying for all of you!
Pastor Laura

Marisa said...

Thinking and Praying!!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for everyone.
Mary O.

Anonymous said...

All of our prayers are with you. I am checking your BLOG.

Cousin Linda & family

Marisa said...

So happy to hear it all went well and she is out. Praying for a speedy recovery.
Hugs, Kisses, and High Fives!!

amber said...

So glad to hear everything went well Jenn. Shelby has been heavy on my mind. Please keep us updated on she does.

Anonymous said...

Great news!
Mary O.

Val said...

I'm glad it went well. Prayers are with you all.

Nicole Schandelmeier said...

I just got home and ran to check on how Shelby did! So happy to get the good news!

Lori Martin said...

Praise the Lord!! Now, we pray for a smooth and speedy recovery.

Adele said...

Oh I am so glad the surgery went well!!! All the prayers must have definately helped :)

Fred & Carol said...

Jenn you have me crying looking at sweet Shelby hooked up to so many IV's and yesterday when I read your post the night before the surgery.

Shelby you are such a brave little girl and Auntie Lu is so proud of you. Feel better soon. I am praying for you and I love you very much.

Love you,

Auntie Lu

Coralee said...

Shelby is MY HERO !!!!!!!! I love you, Shelby!!! Hang tough, sweet girl!! Grammie & Poppy LOVE YOU !!!!

moreena said...

I'm so glad they were able to extubate so quickly, and that the surgery went so very well. I'll be checking in for updates. We're all sick around here, so we won't be bringing our yucky germs up, as much as we'd love to see you all. Tell Shelby she looks great, and we're proud of her, too!